Tea. It’s more than a drink.

Tea. It’s more than a drink.

At Mr. Ames we pride ourselves on knowing exactly where our raw product comes from. We care about the growers, their communities and the economic realities surrounding production.

The facts help us do business with compassion. And there has been good news for some tea growers… for instance, in August the minimum price for raw leaves harvested in southern India increased by 43% according to The Tea Board of India, which regulates the minimum prices that factories must pay growers. However, India’s exports have been affected by an apparent shortage of shipping containers. Getting you amazing tea is a complex business!

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka the price of Ceylon teas is 20% higher than in 2019 due to scarcity and disruptions to local transportation. In both India and Sri Lanka as more stayed in their homes the demand for tea soared, taking retail prices up with it. You see,  no matter where you live, tea helps in a crisis!

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