Mr. Ames Community Policy

We want to hear from you and encourage comments, questions and suggestions.

Mr Ames wishes to be an upstanding digital citizen and would ask others to conduct themselves in a similar manner. While we don’t ask that you stay rigidly on topic, we would ask that you respect our intentions with the page along with other people’s opinions.

We also ask you think of common human decency and decorum and try to avoid profanity, offensive statements, spam, illegal content, harassment, attempting to violate users’ privacy, promoting or encouraging self-harm and anything else that might violate our terms and conditions and for the comfort of other internet users you may share the space with.

Be aware that anything sent in, posted or disclosed to Mr Ames can be reproduced, disclosed, transmitted, published, broadcast or posted somewhere else. Mr Ames would prefer to credit but may use without compensation to you any ideas, concepts or techniques that you send, post or disclose, including anything having to do with the development, manufacturing and marketing of our products. If you have rights in anything you send in, post or disclose, you grant to Mr Ames the licenses necessary to use it.

Note that comments will also be limited in length based on social media platform being used.

Please understand that we reserve the right to edit or delete comments for any reason we deem appropriate.

The opinions expressed in our comment sections are not necessarily the opinions of Mr Ames and we assume no responsibility for their content.

Please do not post any private information unless you want it to be available publicly.

Your comments, responses or other posting may also be submitted to law enforcement if we have a good faith belief that disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary to detect and prevent fraud or to protect the safety of the public or an individual.

If you don't feel that you can abide by our Community Guidelines as outlined above, Mr Ames would suggest that this page isn't for you. We've crafted these guidelines to ensure that everyone within the Mr Ames community has a good time.

Thank you.

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