The question is, how do you take your's tea with a milk alternative?

The question is, how do you take your's tea with a milk alternative?

As the saying goes, we are all different, and if we were all the same, it would be boring. This is certainly true when it comes to tea. 

The strength of tea is always a talking point. Every day from the office (Pre Covid), the building site to the home.

From "builders' to "dishwater", the strength of tea is often a bone of contention.

In recent times there has been a new question about how you take your tea. What milk do you put in it?

The debate has moved on from whether the milk goes into the cup first or last (In our recent Instagram poll, 86% of people send milk in last, pretty conclusive)

The question now to be asked is which milk alternative do you put in your tea. (First or last)

Well, lucky for you, we have some extensive testing at Mr. Ames HQ so that you don't have to. 

All of the milk alternatives were tested using the ever-popular Mr. Ames Golden Breakfast tea.

The results

The biggest surprise was we found that we needed different volumes of milk to get the same tea strength through on the flavour; these were as follows:

Dairy – Semi-Skimmed – 1tsp

Hemp – 4tsp

Oat – 4tsp (gave a malty flavour to the tea)

Coconut – 4tsp (gave a coconut flavour to the tea)

Almond – 4tsp

Pea – 2tsp (gave a vanilla flavour to the tea)

Soya – 2tsp

Alpro "My Cuppa" – 2tsp


Our favourite was the Soya, as it tasted the closest to the dairy and allowed the flavour of the tea through nicely.

Do you drink your tea with a milk alternative, and if so, which one?

PS: The BBC has an excellent article on the environmental impact of milk alternatives. If you would like to learn more, please click here.

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